Summary of Popcorn Wars – Defend your farm (農場大戦争 – アリス vs 雪の女王)

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アリスが育てたトウモロコシを狙う雪の女王や動物たち。 彼らから農場を守るためポップコーン大砲をぶっ放そう! 残ったトウモロコシはパーティーでコインを稼いで、アリスに魅惑のドレスを買って上げよう!

Fire off a popcorn blaster in this fresh new shooting game! Alice worked hard to grow corn and now the Snow Queen and various animals are after it. Shoot the popcorn blaster to protect the farm from them! Earn coins at the party with the surplus corn so you can buy Alice a beautiful dress!

The combined shooting game  and farm game. (農園育成ゲームとシューティングゲームを合体)



In order to protect the corn Alice raised, and shoot the popcorn from the cannon to put your boiler corn in Popcorn Wars.

Bullet is popcorn ! 弾はポップコーン

fire popcorn  fire popcorn en


Bullet of Popcorn Wars is popcorn. You can shoot without worrying about damaging the enemy. Popcorn hits the mouth of the enemy, you can defeat them.

change beautiful dress 魅惑のドレスに着せ替え

change clothes  change clothes en


Earn coins at the party with the surplus corn so you can buy Alice a beautiful dress!

 The Snow Queen appeared also 雪の女王も登場

snow queen jp  snow queen en


Enemies making an appearance: Flocks of crows, holes in the ground with moles, hermit crabs that have borrowed the homes of snails, and of course the Snow Queen.


Please see Summary, HowToPlay. and,PlayMovie.


Point of Popcorn Wars (農場大戦争のプレイのポイント)

fire popcorn





fire popcorn en

• If you go over the limits of the boiler then the popcorn will shoot out all at once. Adjust your aim swiftly and annihilate the enemy!

• If you shoot popcorn into the enemy’s mouth you can defeat them in one shot! The only exception is the Snow Queen.

• If you attack the Snow Queen she will use her magic to create a snow wall.

• The moment that the hermit crab raises its shell it’s your chance to attack!

Difficulty of Popcorn Wars 農場大戦争の難易度




Battle of farm large war is defeat of corn fields If there is no.  You fight and grow in the field also, if there is a stock of corn.  The game is over corn if all disappears.

In addition, please describe in the comments If you think the degree of difficulty of a large farm war is too high.

Battle of the Snow Queen (雪の女王との戦い):

snow queen jp




snow queen en

The Snow Queen of boss character will appear at the end of the stage.

Queen of the snow in bringing back, it will put back in the corn rapidly If you leave them alone.

When you attack, you allowed to appear in the wall of snow by raises his magic wand.



Coin use of Popcorn Wars (農場大戦争 コイン):


敵を倒すとコインが出現します。 このコインを手に入れるにはポップコーンを当ててください。 また、ゲーム中にあまったトウモロコシはパーティーでコインと交換します。 手に入れたコインは、アリスにドレスを買ったり、ボイラーやブラスターを強化できます。

Coins appear when you defeat enemies. Obtain coins by hitting them with popcorn. You can exchange extra corn from the game for coins at the party. You can use the coins you have obtained to buy Alice a dress or improve the strength of the boiler or the blaster.


Change clothes of Popcorn Wars (農場大戦争 着せ替え)

change clothes




change clothes en


You can buy any dress to Alice.

If you like it, Please purchase clothes by coins.

If you have not enough coins, You can purchase by touches the shop button.







Secret! Get free corn of Popcorn Wars 農場大戦争で無料のコーンを入手 秘密




Top Secret!! Sometimes when playing, corn is no longer enough, this button appears. If you look at video advertising at the push of a button, corn will be added a little, play becomes a little easier.



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